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Rods Performance grew out of C&S Mobile Dyno formed in 1992 by Rod Cochran and Tom Seeks. 
The goal was to provide an accurate method to prove performance modifications to the riding public. 

We purchased a Model 100 DynoJet Dynamometer and went to school at DynoJet during bike
week 1992 in Daytona, Fl.  We pulled the dyno from one end of the country to the other.
We did hundreds of dyno pulls on every kind of bike.  We concentrated on providing Dyno proven performance. 

I received a call from Bob Wood of now Wood Performance one afternoon in January 1995,
Bob has a 1990 FXRP. Bob was taking the bike to Memphis for Dyno testing. 
Bob's back ground is fuel funny cars and at that time was in the automotive repair business specializing in fuel injected systems.
Bob has extensive experience in both Carbureted and injected engines.  I was only about
1 hour from Bob's shop so I meet Bob 0n Jan.22, 1995 when he brought his bike up for a dyno run. 
Over the next few years we tested cams and carbs that were on the market and found most lacking
in performance.  Bob started applying the knowledge he had gain with years in the automotive performance business to his 80 inch Harley.  Out of this came Wood Performance and his line
of CV carbs and Knight Prowler Cams. 

We were also exposed to the Metric side of the performance industry through Bill St. John,
a multi-national champion in unlimited V-Twin superbike road racing.  Bill rides a 1054cc Ducati sponsored by BCM Motor Sports out of New Hampshire and Atlanta Ducati/Triumph and of course us. 
Bill's Civil Engineering firm was instrumental in the development and construction of the Barber MotorSports Park. 

With the advent of fuel injection and the ability of the Dyno to map or tune electronic fuel systems we decided to build a new shop with a integral Dyno Chamber with sufficient air flow to Steady State and Dynamic Tune fuel injected bikes. The days of the dyno setting in the middle of the shop floor are gone.  The new shop was completed and opened in September 2003. We also recognized the need for precision engine balancing and installed a state of the art Sunnen DBC-2000 computer spin balancer.  At this time we also installed state of the art Corchi computer tire machines. As you can see we offer Precision Performance from top to bottom and inside and out.

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